Coaxial, Audio & Video Cable

• Rated voltage: 300V
• Construction: Copper-Clad steel or bare solid copper conductor / Dielectric: Gas expanded polyethylene / Aluminum foil and Aluminum braided wire shield / Flame retardant PVC jacket
• Range: RG-6/U
• Application: Drop cable for CATV and MATV distribution

• Construction: Tinned or bare, stranded or solid copper conductor or copper clad steel / Solid or foamed PE insulation / Longitudinal aluminum mylar shielding / Tinned or bare copper wire braid shield available / Flame retardant PVC jacket
• Range: RG-58A/U
• Application: For computer network or C.C.T.V.

• Rated Voltage: 300/300V
• Model: 60227IEC42 (RVB)
• Construction: Bare or tinned, stranded copper conductor / PVC or color-coded flame retardant PVC insulation
• Range: 0.16mm² - 1.0mm²
• Application: For strengthened transmission system of audio Hi-Fi components

• Rated temperature: 70oC
• Rated voltage: 300/300V
• Reference standard: GB/T5023
• Model: 60227IEC42 (RVB)
• Bare or tinned, stranded or solid copper conductor
• Transparent type PVC insulation

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